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Typical Chicken Coops are Heavy and Risk Injury to Poultry.

Historically, poultry cages have been made of welded and galvanized steel frames and components.

The weight of this type of steel construction limits the number and size of cages that may be loaded on a trailer due to truck weight restrictions. The fewer the cage doors, the fewer the chickens.

Additionally, the wire sides on traditional cages can allow birds to extend wings and/or feet through the sides, creating the possibility of injury to the birds being transported in the cages.

Best Built Cage

Best Built Cages’ nearly all aluminum design allows for a lighter weight construction resulting in a cage that weighs 50% less than standard steel cages.

A safer, light weight alternative for your poultry transportation needs

Best Built Cages Transport Your Poultry with Care.

Best Built Cages’ innovative, patent pending design provides a safer, light weight alternative for your poultry transportation needs.

The design and construction of the frame, side panels, doors, floors, base and top decrease the risk of injury to the birds. All aluminum surface areas reflect light and heat, thereby reducing risk of overheating. Aluminum panels and doors decrease the visibility of birds from cage exterior while reducing risk of injury. Smooth aluminum floors allow for easy removal of birds from the cages.

More Revenue:

Lighter Cages Accommodate 30% more
chickens per truck

More Revenue

Lower Cost:

Lighter Cages Permit 25% fewer trucks to
haul the same amount of chickens

Lower Cost

Why Best Built Cages?

Lighter weight cages allow for greater fuel efficiency and a reduction in vehicle costs per load. Hauling 30% more chickens per truck (more revenue) or employing 25% fewer trucks to haul the same amount of chickens (less cost) amounts to one important thing: more profit!

Why Best Built Cages

Lighter weight cages also allow for a 30% increase in chicken capacity per load through an increase in the number of cage opening as opposed to increasing the density of chickens per cage opening.

Further, Best Built Cages’ commercial-grade, modular design allows for faster and less expensive repairs. And every Best Built Cage is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Best Built Cage - Close Up
Best Built Cage - Full View
Proudly manufactured in the USA.